2018 Ozark Mountain Music Festival returns to Eureka Springs

Mike Savino of the Tall Tall Trees, the 2018 OzMoMu headliner.

OzMoMu is the new favorite music festival in Eureka Springs! The Ozark Mountain Music Festival returns to Eureka Springs January 18th – 21st.

January might be a little chilly outside, but it is not too cold for the  Ozark Mountain Music Festival to be held INDOORS at the Basin Park Hotel. Touted as Eureka Springs’ next great festival, the Ozark Mountain Music Festival will focus around Bluegrass / Indie Folk with a festival lineup that includes multiple stages and lively music all day long, just indoors.

The Ozark Mountain Music Festival features great music on multiple stages,  using regional talent whose genre is Indie Folk and inventing a path where the festival style atmosphere makes the Basin Park Hotel abuzz with activity while attendees enjoy all access passes, overnight at the hotel and a have an atmosphere that encourages eating, drinking and dancing in one central location.



The 2018 OzMoMu Line-up  Includes:


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