In today’s hectic world, it can be very easy to become consumed with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. All too often, we tend to become so busy that we eventually find ourselves completely disconnected from our significant other. If you’re looking for the perfect place to relax and reconnect with that “special someone,” look no further than Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the perfect place to visit any time of year!

The Culture 

Eureka Springs has a long history of being a town of love, a reputation that stills hold true today. In fact, each year over 4,000 wedding ceremonies are performed in the city. This statistic should come as no surprise to someone who has Thorncrown_Chapel_EurekaSprexperienced the town’s unique splendor and glory for themselves. From the magnificent Thorncrown Chapel (pictured left), to the enormous 67 ft. tall Christ of the Ozarks statue, Eureka Springs is filled with romance and wonder.

Eureka has long been a town which appeals to couples who are looking for a romantic getaway. Take your lover hand-in-hand on a stroll through the Historic Downtown District, then enjoy a quiet candlelit dinner for two at the elegant and gourmet Grand Taverne restaurant. Thursday’s is local’s night at the Grand Taverne, and you can enjoy their wonderful food for a lower price….without even having to be a local.

The Climate

No matter what time of year, Eureka Springs is the perfect romantic getaway! During the winter months, it can be very difficult to find a great place to be alone and cuddle with your significant other, while also having the ability to visit a nearby, vibrant downtown area. Not in Eureka! Stay at Treehouse Cottages (pictured below), which is very close 10991143_857887067607946_2473214563510768795_nto the Downtown District, which boasts many great restaurants and beautiful historic storefronts.

With so many winter-friendly activities to engage in, and an abundance of breathtaking nature to view, Eureka Springs is truly a winter wonderland right here in America!

The Community

While most of the country is locked in their homes wishing winter would just go away, Eureka Springs is embracing the season. Visit one of the oldest and only 1959494_10153148860524040_9051772154505950559_noriginal Carnegie Libraries (pictured left – photo taken in early February) still in existence; open all year, it’s the perfect place to relax with your loved one and appreciate a beautiful piece of our nation’s history.

If you have reservations about driving during winter months, no problem; just sit back, relax and let the Eureka Springs Trolly service handle all of your transportation needs. However, given the beauty and wonder of this miraculous town, you may find that you prefer to walk, which is certainly doable in this amazing slice of paradise.

See You Soon!

Make the most of this beautiful winter season. Come relax, have some fun, and experience all the wonder and excitement Eureka Springs has to offer! The weather is perfect and there are always plenty of cozy places to stay. Eureka is truly the ideal destination, year-round, to leave your worries behind and enjoy some quality time with the one you love. 0009Janassign2013PurdyArtCo-304x297Pictured above: the iconic Crescent Hotel in Winter.



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