Some people wonder what makes Eureka Springs different from any other place. Any explanation fails to convey what makes Eureka Springs special but Eurekans keep trying. A new documentary film explores the creativity of Eureka Springs and the artists that call it home. Here are how some Eurekan artists describe the community:art film documentary

“Eureka Springs is not just a place, it is a way of life.”
Eureka Springs, “one of the most active places on earth.”
“You can be who you are. Be as odd as you want to be and you are accepted.”
“Creative people make it interesting.”
“People are drawn to how beautiful it is.”
“There is a lot of passion here.”

Visit Eureka Springs for the FILM PREMIERE for EUREKA! The Art of Being on June 7 at 7:00pm at
The Aud in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – Free Admission


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